Pixelmon 1.15.1/1.15.2 Mod Review & Download

Pixelmon 1.15.1/1.15.2: Pokemon is one of the most popular video games and the fan base of the classic Nintendo game is very large. It was only a matter of time before Pokemon found its place in the Minecraft community.

The Pixelmon Mod is a Pokemon Mod 1.15.2 and allows you to catch Pokemon in your Minecraft world, train them and fight against other Pokemon trainers in a duel. The perfect mod for every Pokemon fan!

Pokemon Features of Pixelmon 1.15.2:

  • Just like in the Nintendo game, you have a Pokedex where you can read everything about your Pokemon. Descriptions, attacks, and effects can be found here.
  • So that you can feel the atmosphere of Pokemon in Minecraft even more, there are custom textures and blocks. There are also Pokemon sound effects, particles, and much more.
  • You can duel and fight with your opponents. You can use different items to get an advantage and win the Pokemon fight.
  • Pokemon can be extensively equipped with new attacks and items. There are now more than 100 attacks that you can try. Pokemon can also learn attacks and make them more powerful. Of course, you also have poke balls. They are available in different versions and you can use them to catch your favorite Pokemon in your Minecraft world.
  • You can raise your own Pokemon creatures. Level 1 Pokemon can hatch from eggs, the parents must belong to the same group and have the right gender. Great importance was attached to reconstruct as many Pokemon as possible. Currently over 500 Pokemon creatures can be collected. Famous Pokemon like Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle, or Jigglypuff is shown very well in Pokemon Mod 1.15.2 with a detailed 3D model.
  • Your Pokemon can evolve. From level to level they are getting stronger and bigger. At a certain level, your Pokemon can learn new attacks and change their look. You won’t find all Pokemon in every biome. Rare Pokemon occur only in special biomes. It also depends on what time of day is currently in your Minecraft world. At night you will find completely different Pokemon than during the day. Always remember to equip well when you’re out hunting for Pokemon.

Pixelmon 1.15.2 Changelog:

Pixelmon 1.15.2

-new Pokemon models

-improved textures

-3rd camera fixed


Pixelmon 1.15.2

-more Pokemon entity models

-animated textures

-faster model rendering

-camera bug fixed

-improved fight effects


Pixelmon.jar 1.15.2

-Mod performance improved

-Player Camera Control added

-Pokemon Attack Range improved

-Render Distance weight added

-High Render Pokemon Levels fixed

-Show/Hide Target feature added

-improved battle camera

(Feb 23, 2020)

Pixelmon.jar Graphics

-smooth shading

-improved Pokemon models

-Shader Forge compatible

(Feb 22, 2020)

Pixelmon.jar 1.15.2

-heal status display added

-passive healing added

-better PixelUtilities

-spawnrate PokeLoot improved

-enable point to steer

-gen 1-7 spawning fixed

(Feb 22, 2020)

How to download and install Pixelmon 1.15.2 Tutorial?

Pixelmon 1.15.2 is a mod that only works with Forge 1.15.2. So be sure that you have already installed Forge. Instructions for installation can be found in our Forge 1.15.2 installation tutorial.

If you have Forge installed, download Pixelmon 1.15.2 and you will receive it as a “.jar” file. Now insert this file into your Minecraft mod folder using “Drag and Drop” and start the Forge Launcher.

If you love to play Pokemon and have been with them since childhood, you will just love this amazing mod. Realistic Pokemon models and textures make Pokemon appear as close as possible in Minecraft.

This mod is definitely an absolute must-have for all Pokemon fans. A very detailed mod with many features around the Pokemon universe!

Pixelmon Mod 1.15.2 Download:

In combination with Forge 1.15.2, you can still download Optifine to get a better number of FPS. Pixelmon 1.15.2 is a very extensive and large mod that requires a lot of performance.

Optifine 1.15.2 can help you a lot to have enough performance to run this beautiful Pokemon 1.15.2 mod.

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