Lucky Block Mod 1.7.10 / 1.9 / 1.8.9 / 1.6.4 For Minecraft

Lucky Block Mod adds only the Lucky Block in Minecraft, there are 3 different happiness levels. Depending on how much luck you have, you have the chance to win some great Items, wacky animal towers, fireworks, or lethal Creeper. In total, over 100 different Events can be triggered, so let us surprise you!

Lucky Block 1.16.5-1.17 and 1.12.2 is an interesting Minecraft Mod for Minecraft game. As its name suggests, Lucky Block is just a lucky block, but its possibilities are unlimited. Lucky Block Mod update adds a new combat feature.

Lucky Block is randomly generated in the magical block world and you can find it in any land. Don’t forget that we can also use gold to craft this lucky box for ourselves. After opening the box, there are hundreds of possibilities. Whether you will receive a deadly explosive bomb or a precious treasure, depends on each person’s luck. In addition, Lucky Block Mod also adds 3 rare items: sword, bow, and poison. Each will generate random action just like the nature of each block. From monsters to fireworks, sticks to gems, each time you mine, the Lucky Block will provide you an enjoyable experience.

The lucky block mod is an interesting but potentially devastating add-on to Minecraft. It adds a Question mark printed block to the game and once broken has a chance of spawning something good or something awful.

The block has a chance of spawning something great like a bevy of food and sweets or even a fully tamed and armor-clad horse:

Or an armored zombie named Bob with an enchanted sword: You may luck out with a super lucky block that spits out lucky potions that can also vary in the good or bad luck bestowed upon breaking them.

The point of this mod is to give new usage to gold ingots. If you find yourself always stocked with gold but don’t ever use it, this mod is for you. You can now turn that weak metal into Lucky Blocks and let fate decide what comes out.

It’s a neat mod for multiplayer servers or for making game maps but with how random the blocks behave it can be a dangerous mod for your regular map. It’s recommended to either back up your map or create one specifically for this mod lest you risk wreaking unwanted havoc on your favorite world.

Minecraft is arguably one of the most popular sandbox games around. However, while the game lets you have creative freedom as you build, it lacks thrilling and surprising elements. Lucky for you, the game supports modification to make it more interesting.

In fact, there are various mods out there that change certain aspects of how the game was originally written. Among those Minecraft mods is the Lucky Block Mod. This game utility is an interesting yet potentially devastating add-on to Minecraft.

It adds boxes in your game bearing a question mark. Once broken, these boxes can spawn something good or something awful. No matter what’s inside the box, it is sure to affect your gaming.

In for a surprise:

Playing Minecraft gives you ingot golds that you can use to buy more tools, swords, and armor. However, you can get these items through mining, and there is no point in wasting your gold when you can get tools by mining them. With Lucky Block Mod, you now have better things to do with your gold. With four ingots and a dropper, you can mine blocks that hold surprises inside.

Each of the boxes—marked with a question mark—can spawn something which can affect your gaming one way or another. It can give you something great like a bevy of food and sweets or even a fully tamed and armor-clad horse. You may also luck out with a super lucky block that spits out lucky potions. However, the boxes do not always come with a helpful object. If you are unlucky, it can spawn giants, or worse, a devastating block of lava and fire.

Lucky blocks can get different luck levels if you put them on a crafting table with certain items. The luck of the box is also displayed as a bar from 0 to 100. The higher the luck level, the more likely it is that the box will give you something good. Be warned, though, as there are boxes with negative luck levels.

All in all, the Lucky Block Mod is a great mod to Minecraft. The addition of the lucky and unlucky boxes is sure to put a fun and interesting spin on your usual gaming. However, the random behavior of the blocks can be dangerous to your regular map. It is recommended to back up your map or create one specifically for this mod to avoid it from wreaking havoc in your favorite world.

To get the Lucky Block Mod, you only need to place the mod in your Minecraft Mods folder. Just make sure that you have Minecraft Forge installed on your device.

Lucky Block Features:

  • Lucky blocks with other items will get various levels of luck if you place them on a crafting table.
  • The ‘Luck’ of a lucky block appears from 0 to 100 in the form of a circle.
  • The higher the amount of luck, the more likely the lucky block will offer you something better.
  • Luck rates can be pessimistic too, from 0 to -100.
  • Negative rates of luck do miserable lucky blocks.



Fun and interesting addition to Minecraft

The random behavior of the blocks can be dangerous to your regular map

Various drops offered


Neat mod for multiplayer servers


How to install Lucky Block:

  • Drag and install Minecraft Forge
  • Drag the mod.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into %appdata%/.minecraft/mods

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